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Do not know what to do to take care of the mattress and keep it in good condition in order to last longer? This time we focus on the best methods and tricks to keep the mattress in good condition so that we provide adequate rest and long durability.

As we know, it is essential to sleep properly so that our body enjoys a good functioning, and in this sense, it is essential to have a quality mattress. It is not enough to replace it every eight or ten years but also needs some care to keep it straight, firm and clean.

How to care for the mattress to last longer

To begin to take care of the mattress, it is recommended to use a cover or cover that protects the mattress, a measure that will help us to maintain the hygiene of our bed. In any case, we should never sleep on an uncovered mattress, since in addition to being uncomfortable; the surface will deteriorate and stain faster. The cover has to cover it in its entirety.


It is important to have good ventilation. It is recommended to ventilate the room every morning before making the bed, in order to avoid the accumulation of humidities and to purify the air. A good trick is, besides this, remove the mattress to the terrace or put it in front of the window once a month; even better if it is in the sun, to eliminate mites and odors.

On the other hand, to take care of the mattress as it should we have to turn it every three months at most, as well as change its position, putting the part of the head on the feet. In this way, we prevent it from deforming and we can keep it firm for longer. So we also take care of the position of our back. In the same way, we should not jump on it or sit on its edges for a long time.

The cleaning of the mattress is essential for its proper maintenance. We can pass the vacuum cleaner on its surface once or twice a month, thereby eliminating the dust. Another good idea is to put it in the sun once a week with a little baking soda on top, letting it act for a while and shaking the remains afterward by small strokes.

On the other hand, to put the cover in the freezer from time to time will help us to fight against the mites, although it is recommended to change it every year approximately. In case there is any stain on the mattress, it is best to clean it with soap and water as soon as possible, using a disinfectant if necessary or going to the dry cleaner.

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