Purple Drank is a perfect combination of some household ingredients such as prescribed cough medicine, a bottle of spite and one or two Jolly Rancher candy.  It is also widely called by the name Sizzurp. The drink mixed with some addictive component like codeine and promethazine which directly contain in the cough syrup.  Over the years it has become one of the most glamorous drinks in the world. All over the United States, it has created tremendous appeals among the young population.

In 1960s Houston, Texas United States DJ Screw has first introduced the drink as the best alternate source of getting inspiration for the “chopped & screwed” type rap music. Originally, he was the guy who delivered the most beautiful lean drink formula. Cough medicine has an active component such as promethazine and codeine for giving the Purple Drank a seductive feel. The brew started to gain its early popularity in the Texas-based hip-hop community and later on, it has broadly spread to all southern states.

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Back In June 2000 the band “Three 6 Mafia’s” released single “Sippin On Some Sizzurp,” have brought the term “purple stuff” tremendously to the nationwide audience.

Now there are many star musician are vastly consuming this amazing purple drink. You must know the Justin Bieber, who is a most famous singer of recent time is willing to get the amazing taste of Purple Drank. He loves this fun drink.

It’s pretty easy to collect the required ingredients to try making this fun drink. The recipe is quite simple as well. Just add three basic components….cough syrup, Sprite and sweet candy. Take about 8 oz. of cough syrup along with that mix some Sprite and Jolly Rancher candy and nicely mix them. Here you go. Your Sizzurp is ready to serve. You can add ice to get it chilled. That’s it. Your most desired drinks are ready to have a sip. Now it has been promoting on the Internet as glamorized drinks. There are many famous celebrities also an active user of this beautiful drink. Modern lifestyles of teenagers are tremendously increasing the appeal to get hooked on to this awesome drink.

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