None: They are different manifestations of the same parasite. Anxiety disorders such as anxiety and panic have nothing to do with microorganisms that infest other organisms, but behave the same way. They have an incubation period during which we are usually unaware of hosting them and are suddenly unleashing in different ways, but recognizably similar.

The generalized of anxiety disorder is very similar to the disorder of panic attacks and often the two diagnoses overlap, mix, contaminate each other. Standardization and classification of disorders is of great value in diagnostic terms, but this is limited to the psychiatric and psychological scope. The experience, the experience of people is another thing, and often it makes no sense to rely on a precise diagnosis. You risk developing an obsession and feeding the parasite with such rigidity.

Yes, because of the parasitic anxiety, which is the same as panic, phobias, and many other anxiety disorders, feeds on our stiffness. Anxiety feeds on control mania, every little anguish, every fix, and every obsession. It feeds on many social conventions and rules, personal rules, and all those diets to which we submit our bodies, our minds and our souls. Wherever there is a lack of flexibility, there will be anxiety or a fertile soil for its proliferation.

Reality is dynamic and we must flow with it. All that we exclude from this flowing liquid and condemn to the fatness will be bread for the teeth of anxiety.

How can you handle anxiety? How do you fight it? How can you cure anxiety and how do you overcome it? How is healing from anxiety? And panic? The answer is simple, but the way to solve this problem is a bit more complex. Less and less complex in the tangle of misery in which anxiety surrounds us, be it clear. I hosted the parasite of anxiety, which first manifested itself as a panic attack, then with a second attack, then with a third … everything has become what can be defined as panic disorder. I had all the symptoms. But between one attack and another, and after the last one, I stayed a long time of persistent anxiety that had moved all of my perceptual and mental thresholds.

This was happening now … 12 years ago. I almost missed the bill. I had developed my own method, which with years, studies and experience I perfected and applied to many people now free from the parasite, free forever. I say seriously: free forever, not just for the half-hour in which the psycho-pharmacy has the effect of or for the sake of psychotherapy. My method is called Resolution and I wanted to put it all in a book to make it available to anyone who wanted to defeat anxiety definitively.

Would you like to have a guide to know how to fight anxiety in the kitchen with so many recipes and practical tips?

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