Asking for help means not content with your limits and struggling to live the life we want! Ask for help is the engine of any change process!

1) Do not want to get drugs

Studies show that most anxiety disorders are solvable through psychotherapy alone, reducing symptoms and preventing relapses. Pharmacological support, possibly prescribed by the psychiatrist, may only be helpful in some cases and for short periods.

2) Loved and negative experience

It may very often happen that your mother or a friend is confidant in your turn refer to an unsatisfactory experience of a psychological course, demotivating you further to seek help.

If a person you trust has not found yourself in a restaurant what you will do, will you forever stop eating out? There are thousands of psychologists who use their own techniques and different intervention strategies. It may be that your mother, your friend or confidant has not had a good experience because he was not ready, constant or never really trusted the figure referred to …

It is also possible that he has found a psychologist who was not the figure best suited to his case! Do your own experiences without drawing conclusions from those of others.

If, however, I had had a direct negative experience do not let it favor the generalization and prejudice of figures who work well and passionately daily. Even if others do not approve it is perhaps the time when you have to make an independent decision for your life.

3) Do not like to know my things

Do not allow your privacy, shyness, and excessive closure to keep you from asking for help. Such attitudes will only lead you to feel more alone, isolated, misunderstood, and cut off from relationships.

The fear of opening you up, being vulnerable, and having to deal with personal issues in your story might be a resistance to the possibility of psychological help.

4) I have someone she speak

Having friends, family and confidants is certainly a very important resource for your life. However, some issues and difficulties need to be dealt with by experienced and skilled professionals to help you effectively and focus on the problem.

Continue to talk to all those who feel deserved to share your life, but do not hesitate to ask for help if the situation requires it.

Would you ever let your hair cut from a gardener?

The mother must do the mother, the friend must make friends and the psychologist must be the psychologist.

5) I do not really change

What prevents you from asking for help? Are you sure you really want to be better off? Is there any aspect of your life that would be worse if you solved your problem? Could there be any benefit from your bad star? Asking yourself these questions always helps to reflect on yourself.

6) The problem is of people who are recusing

The fact that your parents, your brothers, your work colleagues, your partner, or your classmates are not perfect does not mean that you do not have to help.

Maybe they too would need help … Perhaps they would need more of you … But this should not hinder you from improving yourself, overcoming your difficulties, and tackling your problems. Do not make the victim of your story; take the reins to improve it!

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