Anxiety always wakes up before you and you are forced to carry it at any time of the day. In particularly stressful times, when you are caught up with anxiety and panic attack is around the corner, you probably just wake up and you do not even want to have breakfast if you can sleep a few hours. Appearance often accompanies anxiety, related to many other gastrointestinal disorders. These may include diarrhea, gastric reflux, poor gastric motility, intestinal malabsorption, stomach cramps, bad digestion, etc …

Follow these 5 rules to intimidate anxiety and panic and to break them down …

1) A teaspoon of balance

Let’s start with what you have to do when you’re ready to prepare for breakfast, still in pajamas and sleepy: first duty and then pleasure. You will feel like a torture, but the best way to start your day for your body is to introduce water, water to body temperature, not cold. A glass of abundant warm or warm water cleans your gastrointestinal tract and prepares it for activation. But it does not end here: if you want maximum benefits, add one teaspoon of water bicarbonate and mix well before drinking. Bicarbonate, in fact, helps digest and restore PH balance, which will most likely be tending to acid due to incorrect habits in nutrition and breathing.

2) The torture that cleanses

After washing and cleaning your body, while preparing your breakfast and still fasting; take a glass of hot water with lemon juice and ginger. This combination gives you the best in terms of intake of vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts and amino acids. The benefits of lemon and ginger are many: thanks to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, demineralizing properties, they are able to strengthen immune defenses, purify the body, fight and prevent nausea and stimulate intestinal activity.

3) The cuddles

You’ve squeezed too much with these two drinks: it’s time to cheer you up! After ten or twenty minutes of torture, you can finally eat something delicious, nutritious and healthy.

You can toast two or three slices of gluten-free bread to corn or rice, much more digestible than normal bread (gluten is a faithful ally of anxiety). Among the most popular pastries on top of it, there is honey, first of all, accompanied by nuts or almonds, hemp seeds or chia seeds. But also try sesame paste, tahini, always mixing it with a little honey, which has many benefits to your stomach: you will not be able to stop eating it! Alternatively, it spreads some peanut butter, cashew nut or hemp seeds. Pastas and husks with dried fruit or seeds are rich in nutrients and much more assailable as they are already chopped and ready to be digested! They are an invaluable energy source, opt for organic ones and no additives. As an alternative to bread, you can prepare a bowl with un-sugary whole yogurt and a mix of dried fruit such as almonds, blueberries, apricots, papaya, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, coconut. Know that yogurt contains lactose, not always digestible, but is rich in lactic ferments, which predispose it and restore the balance of the intestinal flora. Prefer goat yogurt, which contains less lactose and better properties.

4) What to drink?

What is better to drink? Among the exciting drinks that we are used to drinking early in the morning, the best of all is green tea (you can find various qualities, I personally recommend the genmaicha, the blossomed rice, which mitigates that not all taste of grass) and the milk and cocoa (with rice milk or oat), unsweetened. However, I suggest you two healthier alternatives: rice milk and carrube powder and golden milk. Do not do that face! If you have never experienced the natural sweetness of the locust, this is the right time. There are also chocolate and candy-based, digestible candy … try to take a look …

And the golden milk, what the hell would be? It is a delicious beverage, based on rice milk, turmeric, cinnamon and honey. In a cup, mix a teaspoon of honey, one of turmeric and a tip of cinnamon. When a homogeneous pasta is formed, pour over hot milk and mix well … let me know if you like it!

5) Mindfulness of eating

Once you’ve been able to do this, follow every step, pay attention to this last tip: concentrate only on breakfast. Sure, healthy eating is a great step towards health; but how do you eat? Try to pay attention to food, flavors, scents, chewing. This must last for a long time: a good digestion begins in the mouth, where the food has to be reduced to mulch to be well digested by the gastric juices.

Two are the basic principles to follow for a perfect breakfast against anxiety and panic: Simplicity and Digestibility.

Simplicity means consuming raw foods, raw materials, untreated and refined, unpackaged, or enriched by various additives. Providing simplicity to your stomach and intestine means making them work with ease, leaving more resources for other activities in the body and providing them with more energy available and ready to use.

Digestibility means first and foremost knowing and respecting your dietary needs. If you are intolerant to gluten, allergic to strawberries, if you do not digest lactose, do not force yourself. Choose the most digestible foods to help your bodywork.

In this regard, a good solution is to use, where necessary, a digestive enzymatic digestive supplement, preferably of a completely plant composition. To be sure, try one with the “vegan” mark. Bromelain and papain, for example, are two enzymes able to break down proteins and thus to stimulate digestion, derived from pineapple and papaya.

By following these 5 rules, your breakfast will be the best athletic preparation to win the daily challenge against anxiety.

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