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A very healthy and nutritious way to get protein and fiber is to take vegan shakes made with fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetable drinks.

In this article, we give you 5 ideas to prepare delicious shakes that will give you lots of energy without needing to take animal foods or supplements.

Protein of vegetable origin

We are accustomed to hearing that in order to obtain protein we must consume foods of animal origin, such as meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. However, although it is true that they contain the most amount of protein, our body assimilates even better that which comes from foods of plant origin.

In this way, we find a good source of protein in nuts, cereals, seeds and some fruits.

Protein is essential for health, to maintain a good musculature and even to lose weight more easily.

Super nutritive shakes

Then we propose 5 different shakes, all delicious and very nutritious, that will ensure a good dose of vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein, fiber and essential fatty acids.

They do not contain lactose or any kind of animal derivative, as well as gluten, so they are very suitable for anyone.

The best time to take them is in the morning, as a breakfast, although people who make physical or intellectual efforts throughout the day can also take them as food or snack.

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1. Avocado and sunflower seeds

  • Avocado is one of the most complete and healthy foods that exist and is classified within fruits, despite its high content of healthy fats and protein. In addition, its creaminess makes it very suitable in any liquid recipe.
  • Sunflower seeds or seeds are excellent for athletes, during pregnancy and for raising fenders. Before beating them together with the avocado we recommend leaving them a few hours to soak. They must be raw seeds, without roasting or frying, so that they retain all the nutrients.

To this milk shake, we must add a little water so that it is not too thick and, if we wish, a little-refined stevia to sweeten it.

2. Coconut milk, chia seeds, and banana

  • Coconut is, along with avocado, the most recommended fruit to provide protein and healthy fats.
  • From the coconut we can use the water, the oil or the milk, all of them very healthy and of delicious flavor. We can make the coconut milk at home or buy it already prepared.
  • Chia seeds, which we will soak all night, are rich in protein and an excellent remedy to cleanse the bowel and regulate constipation.
  • The banana, which will bring natural sweetness to the smoothie, will add a good amount of minerals, carbohydrates, and protein.

3. Peach and Hemp Seeds

  • The peach is one of the richest fruits in protein and its flavor combines very well in any shake since it is very sweet and with an acid touch.
  • It is a fruit with digestive and rejuvenating properties.
  • Hemp seeds are now a trend among people who take care of themselves and look for the best sources of vegetable protein.
  • To this milk shake, we must add a little water or vegetable drink.

4. Papaya and pumpkin seeds

  • The papaya is a very beneficial for the digestive system also contains fruit a good amount of protein and fiber.
  • Pumpkin seeds, in addition to being very nutritious, are a good remedy for prostate problems and help prevent intestinal parasites.
  • Add water or orange juice so the smoothie has a more liquid consistency.

5. Almond and apple milk

  • This smoothie has a delicious, very soft and creamy flavor. We will prepare it with a drink or almond milk, which we can buy or elaborate ourselves at home.
  • Almond is one of the foods of vegetable origin with more amount of protein since it has up to 19 grams per 100.
  • The apple blends well with almond flavor while helping us take care of the cardiovascular system, regulate digestive function and reduce blood sugar levels.

If we digest foods well with lactose we can add yogurt to any of these recipes.

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